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Caring Hands Acupuncture

Nyc's finest acupuncture and eastern medicine services, based in the heart of astoria


About Us

Our Doctors

Heung Kyun Kim, L.Ac. MSOM

Heung Kyun Kim, L.Ac. MSOMSpecializes in cupping and tui-na for pain management 

“Our current healthcare system focuses on medicating and surgically treating patients with unnatural and harsh methods. My goal is to help patients get off addictive and unhealthy painkillers, and treat their underlying health issues to prevent having to resort to surgery.”

Heung Kyun Kim, L.Ac. MSOM

Hyunok Chung, L.Ac. MSOM

Hyunok Chung, L.Ac. MSOMSpecializes in women’s health and herbal medicine

“Acupuncture and herbal medicine are some of the most dynamic and flexible modes of treatment for all health issues. Through our traditional methods, we aim to balance any fluctuations in your bodily qi, and clear any blockages of energy that may be causing your ailments.”

Hyunok Chung, L.Ac. MSOM

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